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Welcome to Valhalla Gunworks LLC!

Your Source for Quality Gun Repair, Modification, & Customization

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Firearm restoration and repair keeps you from having to buy a new gun that may need adjustments and keeps your antiques in great condition. Let us get your gun in shape.

Repair & Restoration
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Firearm customization and modification can increase your performance and reliability, add to the gun's utility, or make them look "cooler." Our goal is to bring the highest quality and accuracy out of your gun.

Customization & Modification


DISCOUNTS available
For Civil Servants, Police Officers, Military, & Veterans*

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*Certain items and services may not qualify

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Learn About Valhalla Gunworks LLC

Valhalla Gunworks LLC in Shinnston, West Virginia, is proud of our knowledge of firearms. Our founder has been around guns for most of his life; he worked as a gunsmith and machinist for over 10 years. He's also a prior service member.

Despite all his experience, he knows there is always more to learn. That's why we're updating our education as certified gunsmiths with the Sonoran Desert Institute. As a veteran-owned business, our founder will not settle for less than top-notch work. So you can be rest assured that we won't send out for things that aren't top quality.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

(304) 841-0789

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