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Leave the Gun Repair to Us!

Perhaps you'd like to see grandpa's shotgun from 1903 work again, but the gun won't load, shoot, or it feels loose or broken. No matter why your firearm isn't working the way it's supposed to, Valhalla Gunworks LLC in Shinnston, West Virginia, offers firearm repair services.

Gun Repair

With our years of experience, we can bring old firearms back as close to its original condition as possible. We take every step possible to utilize the same practices used during its original production to bring it back to high-quality, original condition. We'll work with any type of firearm and make it functional. Contact us today for an estimate.

Restored Gun

Holstered Gun

Upgrade Your Firearm Today with Gun Customization & Modifications

Valhalla Gunworks LLC in Shinnston, West Virginia, knows that no gun is perfect. Every firearm is an unfinished product that can be improved upon. Our goal is to finish the firearm by bringing the highest quality and accuracy out of it.

Gun Customization & Modification

We have the experience you need to improve or customize your firearm so it performs at its best. Our accurizing services may include truing all pieces of the bore axis and the surface engagements, such as bolt lugs and receiver lugs. We will be offering to change barrel calibers and currently offer to replace factory or stock parts with upgraded or custom parts. Contact us today for an estimate.